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Breath work looks at the cornerstone of your health and wellness - Your breath! Your breathing is an active exercise. When you breathe correctly, it can enhance your physical and mental performance. Dysfunctional patterns of breathing brings an imbalance of oxygen and energy to our body and brain. Many of today’s illnesses are caused by this. Stress is a major cause of these illnesses and breath work is the ultimate natural cure anyone can learn.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is simple, and yet a powerful way to alleviate stress and anxiety, fall asleep faster, energize yourself, or improve stamina. Learn to practice and feel the amazing power of breathing with guided exercises that are backed by science and research. We teach the same techniques used by Olympic Athletes, Psychologists, Yoga Experts, Navy SEALs, and Zen Masters.

Breath work is for you If...

Whether you're dealing with excess stress, panic attacks, a racing mind at night, lack of focus, low energy, can’t get out of bed in the morning, or want to increase your athletic ability, there’s a breath for that. People from all walks of life and backgrounds have found the benefits of breath work. Do any of these resonate with you.....

  • About Dan
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    Dan de Luis is a breath work, mindfulness, meditation, yoga teacher and a certified Wim Hof Method Instructor. Dan started to explore breath work and yoga 16 years ago when he was struggling with chronic physical and mental health issues. His time spent living at an Indian ashram under the guidance of an Indian Guru helped him to quickly begin regaining control over several health issues. His depression, anxiety and chronic back pain started to dissipate in a very short period of time.
    After leaving the ashram, he began exploring every esoteric discipline and the science behind these ancient traditions. After 1000’s of hours of self study and practice and over 20,000 hours of teaching breath work, meditation and yoga, he developed practices to quickly attain heightened states of awareness through breath. Allowing individuals to reach meditative states quickly, eliminating the countless hours necessary to sit quietly in meditation to attain this. This is great, because it allows you to hit the pause button in a world moving so fast; not everyone has the time or money to fly off to Tibet and live in a monastery.

    Dan has taught his programs to 1000’s of individuals from various sectors including corporations, government agencies, law enforcement, military , correctional institutions, health care practitioners, professional athletes, various educational institutions , public and nonprofit sectors and many more. He has helped revived and sits on the board of FHST-Freeing the Human Spirit. A nonprofit organization that brings his and other types of wellness programs to prisons across Canada. Dan’s mission is to share these practices that have helped him regain control over his physical and mental well being. It is everyone’s right to experience a life fulfilled and on their own terms.

    Message from Dan:
    We live in an amazing era of high-speed information with hyper connection. This creates endless opportunities, but also an abundance of distractions leading to negatives stress . As our world grows rapidly with technology; it is harder to maintain a healthy balance between work and our home life. We are learning more ways to distract ourselves, while losing our ability to focus and manage stress. With this in mind, I have developed a model that facilitates the access of understanding what stress is. How to instantly begin managing it and maintaining a high level of mental fitness and personal freedom.
    Let’s hit the reset button. DEEP BREATH IN………LET’S BEGIN!
  • Learn to breathe properly
    Breathing as an active conscious exercise will help unravel many health issues. You begin to retrain the many core muscles that became inactive as you breathing began changing without you even knowing over time. Dysfunctional breathing or bad breathing can lead to such problems as low energy, sleep issues, digestive issues, memory problems, lower back pain and mood swings. When we begin to retrain the way we breathe we tap into the bodies natural healing ability.
  • Breathing Techniques
    There are many forms of breath work. They involve consciously breathing in systematic patterns. Science has shown us that when we breathe in these certain patterns, we begin to steer the nervous system and our mind. This means it is a technology that can help us navigate stress effectively when we breathe in these certain patterns. Helping to calm your mind and body. In these states we are then able to begin processing emotions and alleviate anxiety, depression, PTSD and grief.
  • Breathing for Athletes
    Master your breath. Let breath work be your wake up call for unlocking more strength, sharper focus, quicker recovery, greater endurance and find that ever illusive flow that all athletes want. Wether you are the weekend warrior or pro-elite athlete, you want the best from yourself. Wether you are looking for more cardio or more focus; if you are not using the muscles you were intended to breathe with, you will find yourself stuck. Recharge and refocus in just one breath! Take back the most fundamental movement as a human empowering yourself to be the master of your mind and body.
  • The Science Behind Breathwork
    Here’s the Science!

    More than ever elite educational, government, and research institutions have conducted studies and are conducting more on the power of breathing exercises and support them as being an effective method for reducing stress, anxiety, symptoms of PTSD, depression, and helping with falling asleep or waking up. Here are some of those articles here.




    U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

    Scientific American

    National Centre for Bio Technology
  • Corporate Wellness Coaching
    Individual and Group Coaching at your businessor or online

    Our goal is to help employers create a healthier and happier workplace while improving employees lives by providing tools to help support employees with their physical and mental well-being; to be able to thrive at work and in all aspects of life. These learning formats of breath work and mindfulness, instantly give the individual an experience of more control over their health and well-being. Contact to book your session. We use the ZOOM Video Platform or can schedule it using an existing platform within your business or in person.
    Stress Reduction Workshop - Group/Corporate
    Learn simple and effective Breath Work and Meditation tools that can easily be integrated into your daily life. You and your group will walk away from this workshop with a better understanding of what stress is and how to effectively manage it. You will also learn how to manage your daily energy to get the most out of your day. Learn how to sleep better with a sleeping protocol to help elevate your sleep quality and get that good nights rest to perform your best all day long. The workshop finishes with a full 30 minute breathing session. You will learn the 4 breath techniques in the session for any situation that life throws at you. You will experience first hand the power of conscious breathing and how it can help with your physical and mental wellbeing.

    Corporate Wellness Coaching

    • Group, In person 4 hour workshop $499, 20 people
    • Group, In person 2 hour workshop $399, 20 people
    • Group, Virtual 4 hour workshop 399
    • Group, Virtual 2 hour workshop $299
    • Group Virtual 45 minute breath work/meditation $99

  • Private Wellness Coaching
    Private Wellness Coaching

    Stress Reduction Workshop - Private. In person or virtual
    Experience the power of a one on one session. In this workshop we go through a simple consultation to fully understand what you are looking for. Then we go through the basics of what stress and where it is coming from. A personal practice is designed for you to take with you and integrate it smoothly into your daily routine. Receiving tools and techniques to help you sleep better. Manage your energy efficiently. Find clarity and cultivate lasting inner peace. You experience this first hand with a 30 minute guided breathing session. In this session you quickly quiet the thinking mind down ad start to unlock your full human potential.
    IMPORTANT Confidentiality is important in these sessions so that the participant feels safe to share their experiences during the workshop and after their breathing sessions.

    Private Wellness Coaching

    • In person 2 hour workshop $199
    • In person 1 hour private breathwork session $99
    • Virtual 2 hour workshop $149
    • Virtual 1 hour breathwork/meditation session $75
  • Former & Current Clients

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  • Testimonials
    Dan Deluis Is truly one of the worlds great teachers. Not only have his breathwork teachings had an incredible influence on my personal life and have become a daily practice, but my company now practices his teachings on a weekly basis. I highly recommend Dan to anyone searching for balance, inspiration, or to connect with their inner warrior.
    Peter Piorkowski CEO Bright Day Calendars Inc.
    In November, 2020, HEXO,s Belleville Centre of Excellence contracted Dan de Luis to provide an eight hour stress reduction workshop for Belleville‘s Leadership Team of 23 members. Throughout the day, Dan and lighten the team on the Wim Hof breathing method and it’s associated benefits for health, fitness and stress reduction. We learned breath work, we did yoga and we culminated the session with a two minute ice bath to provide even more health and immunity benefits. Admittedly, the immersed chiller was met with trepidation, but Dan coached us confidently through the experience to the elation of the team for their accomplishments! I would highly recommend Dan De Luis to teach the Wim Hof method to any organization wishing to improve the health and reduce the stress of their valuable teams.
    Kelsey Barnes MBA, Cert. APM General Manager at HEXO Corp
    Dan has been a big a part of my career and overall lifestyle. The breath work I have learned with Dan has been influential on my life as I’ve been able to influence my nervous system in different ways I deem necessary. Dans training has become a daily routine for me and helps me be the best version of myself on and off the ice and I can’t thank you enough.
    Gabe Vilardi Centre for the Los Angeles Kings
    Dan Deluis and His coaching have been an instrumental tool in my progress as an athlete and person. Dan’s ability to combine yoga with breath work has added one if my most important tools to my tool belt, controlling my nervous system. Being able to feel the results during our first session, and implement different techniques according to my daily activity motivates me to make the most of it everyday. Thank you Dan!!!
    Alex Mateas Centre for the Ottawa Redblacks
    I would highly recommend Dan to anybody exploring the body mind connection who wants to start living authentically from the inside out.
    Dr. Andy Thomas
    Integrative/Functional Medicine Physician
    I think his true value is that he continue to explore, with every breath, how to be a better human. A human that moves with less pain, less ego and less stress.
    Clarke Flynn OLY, MBA
    Registered Massage Therapist
    Across the broad spectrum of teaching activities, Dan is known for his positive attitude; generosity of spirit; enthusiasm; knowledgeable instruction; and dedication to help others learn and practice techniques that will make their lives better.
    Richard Boadway
    CEO, River Ventures President, Freeing the Human Spirit

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I am a level 2, certified Wim Hof Instructor. In my 15 years of self-exploration and teaching, I have yet to see a practice that can help us so quickly reconnect back to ourselves. Back to the true nature that we have lost touch with that is inside all of us. The ability to feel happy, healthy and strong is our birth rite as humans. We live is such a fast paced world that our lifestyle has us disconnected from ourselves and others. The Wim Hof Method gives you back that connection to your inner power. This simple method stimulates your bodies natural processes, giving you back control of your physical and mental wellbeing helping you realize your true human potential is boundless and under your control.

- Dan De Luis.
© 2021 Daniel de Luis